Lady of Avalon by Caroline Gully Lir

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Lady of Avalon

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Lady of Avalon
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The Lady of Avalon is the focus of the Wheel of Britannia, and is placed in the centre.

She is the expression and embodiment of the land....the heart of Avalon.

It is Her form that can be seen in the sacred landscape of Glastonbury. She is The Goddess, as manifest in Avalon. She is the inspiration and longing for the Holy Grail, She is the secret of the Grail.....The Chalice and Her womb are one. She is the source and the return.

She is Queen of the faye, magic and enchantment trail in Her wake. For time out of time She has been called the White Lady of the mists. The mists that surround Ynis Witrin, the Isle of Glass, that is Glastonbury. Lady of the Lake, for Glastonbury was surrounded by mirror bright water before it was drained in the middle ages....and Excalibur still exists here, in Her keeping.

Although it could be said She is the ancient feminine energy of Avalon, She is newly manifest, a renewed spiritual source....and many have heard Her call. So many returning to Avalon, as the Tor emerges as the heart chakra of the Rainbow Serpent, energised and vibrant, heralding the New Age.

The Lady is many things as Goddess of transformation, She is the still point at the centre of time, abstract and intangible as mist, and yet a real presence felt in the heart......However, for me, this is Her image....Lady of the Violet Ray....Her skin of violet hue, She exists in me and all around me, far away, and yet so near when I connect to the sacred land, journeying to Avalon. I see Her on the lake, walking through a rainbow lit vesica pisces. Her white hair flowing, around Her, dissolving into the mists of Avalon. Whilst the sun rises between Her Shamanic Reindeer horns, at the start of a new day. Magically Her Chalice floats in front of Her womb, full of the most precious magical gift...water from the holy springs, the butterfly of transformation emerges from this elixir, and at Her feet the Faye take form, from Her energy. Her sleek and beautiful black cat's attention is taken by the butterfly and the serene ever present swans glide as Her escort. In the background the Tor is partly shrouded in mist, accentuating the paths of the labyrinth, and the sacred nine crows fly joyously circling.....They are Morgans of Avalon. In the foreground her magical apples tempt us, for Glastonbury is the Isle of Apples, graced with blossom and delicious nourishment for the soul of the spiritual traveller.

This painting sat in my psyche for a year, building Her image in my heart. I hope that she inspires you to journey to Avalon, for She calls you home.