Bambha by Caroline Gully Lir

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Bambha is celebrated at the Autumn Equinox, in the west on the wheel of Britannia.

She is our Earth Mother, Sovereign Queen, whose energies course through Bridget's Isles...Britain.

In Irish Mythology She is a founding Mother of Ireland, along with Her sisters Eriu and Fotla. One of Ireland's ancient names is Bambha Isle of Women.

Her generosity is limitless and Her experience all encompassing. As trees turn to crimson and gold, as we move towards the dark of winter and the last of the harvest is taken in, we feel a deep gratitude for our Mother, the land, for She gives to us so freely. Bambha is associated with Ghia and Ertha as the spirit immanent in the land, the animals and ourselves, made from Her elements. We take time to remember how to care for Her, to find new ways to restore balance and harmony to Her. We renew our pledges to love and cherish Her in all we do. Year on year walking more lightly on Her beautiful body.

She warmly greets us, in this painting, amidst Copper Beech trees, in all their glory. We are welcome in the world of this Sovereign Queen, holding Her magical orb, she guides the way to Avalon. Richly dressed in russet and gold, a squirrel on Her shoulder She stands before a clearing with a small stone circle and distant trees silhouetted against a magnificent equinox sunset. At Her feet sit Her sacred fox, her attention taken by something that we cannot see, Her badger emerges from the soft loamy earth and Her blackbird flits, (as they often do), before Her. We feel secure, grounded and held in Her presence.

Bambha's animals are the fox, mole , badger and blackbird. Her tree is the beech and Her symbols are the stone, orb and crystal. Her colours are brown and orange.

Welcome Bambha, Mother of Earth, help us to remember to care for you, and consider you in all we do, your children honour you.