The Greening by Poppy Palin

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The Greening

Paperback, 5x8, 518 Pages £14.99
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The Greening
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Weaving the magic of everyday life into a wonderfully crafted novel Poppy tells us the tale of characters linked through both time and place. Within that tale she reflects the lack of awareness and confidence we all feel in our lives from time to time. We follow her beautifully crafted characters as they journey to discover who they really are.

Yet at another level this book contains the potential to teach those who read it some of the ideas and techniques that are part of the Craft which Poppy practices.

It is an exquisite book, full of detail and beauty, her love for the environment, and her relationship with the spirits shine through these pages.

And the end of the tale, for me, seemed like a beginning, as I turned the pages so the wheel turned, and so it seemed with the characters in this book - finally awake to all around them, their story lay before them...