The Greening of Man by Sharon Zak

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The Greening of Man

Softback, 104 pages of full colour magic. £22.00
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The Greening of Man
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Created by Sharon Zak and David Bradshaw, this wonderful book features artwork by artists and writers throughout the world. It is an absolute delight.

"Woe is me....for I lack the words to honour you and all who created The Greening of Man, the book, the GreenMan "Bible", the guide to the future, the book I have been dreaming of for years and never expected to see...all this and more, my lass.

I have looked at every page and at every page I was taken in, enchanted, informed, aroused (Yes--PAN!!!), eye and soul and mind given comfort and nourishment.

This is not just a book--this is the Greenman brought to all who seek him and for those who were seeking him, but did not know they did.

Sharon, Muse, Lass, Goddess, Witch, Druid--you have done more for bringing the Greenman to us than any, any other book, song, video than I can say. And I have read and heard and seen my share...

A book that needs to be in every library, on every altar, in every circle and grove and in the front window of every bookstore.

Okay, so maybe I did find a few words, but not the ones that so truly say what you have given out of love, passion, hope and dancing in moonlight."

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