Sacred Sites Illuminated by Sharon Zak

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Sacred Sites Illuminated

Softback, 104 pages of full colour magic. £22.00
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Sacred Sites Illuminated
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Created by Sharon Zak and Judy Adams abd born during an amazing Ovate Gorsedd, this wonderful book sings a heart song to the land. Featuring work by photographers and writers throughout the world this is a magical journey across our land.

As I read the chant, I had the awareness of streams of light -looms - harp strings all flowing together and weaving, weaving, weaving. Thank you for that awakening as well. And you continue to delight and amaze and leave me in awe...

Oh my goodness, that is utterly stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It started with an extraordinary OBOD Ovate gathering that focused on Sacred Sites and Light, interlaced with personal journeys, pilgrimage made by many of those who attended and further enhanced by creative people who are compelled to record their own thoughts and feelings, their emotions, their insights.

We connected with the light, we connected with our Ancestors, and together we wove the links between the sacred sites, to aid the renewal and the strengthening of these connections, and help restore the balance to the land. Each of us had contributed to the magical journey of weaving the light around these sacred sites.

It is our hope that by reading the words we have written, as a way of sharing our time together with you, will energise you, intrigue you and motivate you, to seek out the places we have shown you, and others around you. Our land is a rich one, a full one and an ancient one, and the spirits of our ancestors and their beliefs are there to be found to all those who search.

Excerpts from the book and details of the contributors can be found at