Earth Wisdom by Glennie Kindred

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Earth Wisdom

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Coming Soon this inspirational guidebook encourages us to become more active in our relationship to the Earth and to become part of a growing global community of people prepared to bring positive change to the world. Its starting point is our natural affinity with Nature and the changing seasonal cycles that affect us all whether we are conscious of this or not

Earth Wisdom encourages us to restore our own connections to the Earth, through working with the natural energy of the Earth's Cycles, through celebrating the Celtic festivals, by exploring the inherent wisdom of the trees, and the land, this book inspires us to become more engaged with the natural world around us. We are encouraged to broaden our perspectives, extend our perceptions and to embrace a more holistic and caring attitude to the Earth and all life.

The book covers each of the 8 Celtic festivals with lots of new ideas and suggestions for celebrating with family and friends as well as a further selection of ideas for deeper work. All the suggestions are simple but transformative and provide inspiration from which further ideas can grow. Throughout the book we are encouraged to follow our personal spirituality and intuitive wisdom.

Also included are trees for each festival, creating ceremony, our sacred landscape, detailed instructions for many seasonal craftwork activities, herbal and healing activities using natural resources and many seasonal ways to create personal change and connection to the Earth.