Eryn's Mermaids by Sharon Zak

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Eryn's Mermaids

Paperback, 8x5, 98 Pages £6.99
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Eryn's Mermaids
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This story was written while I sat on the balcony of a wonderful house basking in glorious Alderney sunshine. In just four hours and almost as a dream it poured onto the page virtually as you see it in print.

In it you will feel my love for Alderney, a warm, friendly and comfortable island. A place where the stresses of life slip away leaving dreams to be explored. You can find Granny's home, and the house occupied by the Major and his cranky parrot. You can visit the quarry where Eryn found 'the biggest blackberries in the world' and you will find a wonderful shoreline along with its inhabitants. Also in the story, you will find my interest in all things mystical, and my enduring dedication to older people. Here we can acknowledge the gift of wisdom they have to offer if only we are prepared to listen. This story celebrates all three elements.

Eryn's Mermaids is a gift. It is a starting point for people who seek personal discovery. The interplay between Grandmother and Granddaughter is about passing on knowledge and an exchange of wisdom between generations.

In this book I have tried to honour the characters I met and learned about on Alderney. I met Bramble while she was walking with her owner, Pickle was modelled on Chris Bennett's old bird, the Major's house is, I believe, owned by a major and I pay tribute to a highly respected man fondly remembered by Mary, Tony and David.