The Sacred Wheel and the Celtic Festivals

The Sacred Wheel of the year has been marked with celebration throughout history. Our ancestor's lives were beautifully framed within this wheel, by eight festivals.

The Solstices mark great turning points in the year where days, and nights, are at their longest and/or shortest.

The Equinoxes mark the time when days and nights are of equal length.

Between them are the Cross Quarter Festivals, great fire festivals that mark the seasons of the land from fertility to growth into harvest and then rest.

Many of us still celebrate this sacred turning of the wheel.

This is the shortest day and longest night. It is the day when our ancestors believed the Great Wheel of the Year paused, just for a moment.

They waited for the return of the Sun and celebrated this moment of transformation.

The Solstice is a special time for gatherings of family and friends but it is also the time to stop and reflect. Taking time to think about all that has happened over the last year and then...  Look forward to the coming year knowing that the days will lengthen and warmth will come again.

Yule Cards and Prints

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Winters Sentinel
Starry Night
Lunar Moon Hare - Winter Solstice
Mid-Winter Night
Avalon Winter
Cloak of Winter
Keeper of the Light
Winter Solstice Spiral
Solstice Blessings
Winter Blessing
Winter Peace
Dancing the Yule Dawn
Bring in the Light
Winter's Morning
Avebury Winter #1
Avebury Winter #3
Winter Solstice Sentinel
Midnight Stillness
Sami Song
Yule Spirit
Yule Night Magic