Erica Hemming

Erica Hemming

I do most of my creative dreaming in a rainbow hammock at the bottom of my garden.

My "hand-made" life is a patchwork of themes supported by my love of the Past and Ancient Cultures, Middle Eastern derived Dance forms and a Nature-centred Spirituality.

My images are illustrative, colourful, and influenced by Dreams and Folktales, Nature, a word or a phrase, or trying to capture a stunning moment in time. People often respond to my work by saying that I have helped them to recognise the Inner Spirit or Beauty of the Ordinary.

I hope my images do not take themselves too seriously; instead, some have a slightly surreal or humorous quality.

I also enjoy working with 'found' materials, especially driftwood, using the beauty of wear and decay, and forms suggested by these chance effects. In 2007/8 I am developing a series of mixed media collages. My philosophy in craftwork is the reuse and recycling of elements with minimal modification to the state in which I have found them; bringing a new life to objects otherwise discarded as "use-less".

In Commissions I am working with including personal symbolism into the images to provide an extra layer of meaning and memory touchstone for the client.