Wild Icons (The Eloquent Curve) by Poppy Palin

This set of images celebrates our unfailing connection, as spirits incarnate in human form, to all creation. Each untamed 'icon' captures, for a glorious moment, the truly holistic nature of being, and the seamless dance of the dream of life.

These images are a spontaneous response to the poetry and mystery of existence from the artist as a woman and as a green-spirited representative of the ceaselessly generous, overwhelmingly powerful, Earth Mother.

Each image strives to express something of the perfection witnessed in the symmetry and the endless grace of nature... be that in the shape of a limb, taut and sprung on an unseen riddle of muscle and sinew, or in the lilting melody of a leaf's fall.

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All of Summer, Singing
(With a Rush and a Push) She Bursts Forth
Inspired by 'Sage Woman'
She Carries the Mountain
She Sleeps with Seeds
The Dancer
Emotional Landscapes
Night Rainbow