Cards by Meraylah Allwood

I have spent most of my life living in the countryside, or seeking the wild places where the veil between the worlds of spirit and faery is thinner. I have always painted using nature as my inspiration. I try to combine the symbolic and dynamic worlds of folklore and mythology, with the ecology and natural history of the subjects I illustrate.

I love the connection between past mythologies and folklore and the present, the way those old stories have an uncanny way of weaving themselves into daily life, until they are somehow transformed once more and reborn as new tales each generation.We can surely only marvel at the complexity and intricacies of the natural world, the web of life to which we ourselves owe our very existence. I feel that we have all lost so much with our modern mechanistic materialistic focus, so many of us living with our backs to nature, away from knowledge of the Earth who bore us, and away from the magic that can inspire our imaginations to grow and seek out changes. I hope that in however small a way my paintings can be part of those inspirations.

These cards are only available to retail customers.

Earth Angel
Animal Wisdom
Tree Wisdom
Celtic Calendar
Holly King
Tree of Light