Enchantment in Beeswax by Jane Small

Currently Jane is working with the exquisite medium of beeswax, incorporating skills developed over a number of years.

Inspired by her natural surroundings, Jane paints whatever she finds beautiful and enchanting; whatever helps her connect with the transcendent. She seeks to share those moments of joy with others through her images.

Mandarin Dream
Spirit of Spring
Shimmering Streams
Amethyst Eve
Following the Flow
Earth Song
Stillness Speaking
Bridge of Dreams
Dreaming of Bluebells
Fragrant Meadows
In the Presence of Joy
Moon Shadow
Redbud Falls
Soul Contact
Midnight Silence
Silent Waters
The Calling
Water Nymph
Meditation in Mauve
Emerald Passage
Moon Pathway
Blue Mountain Pool
Amber Skies
Peacock Magic
The Path Beyond