Earth Pigments by Cea Blyth

Cea's paintings are an experience of British indigenous art; inspired by the colours, sparkles and textures of the earth as much as by the energies and archetypes that present themselves from the landscape. Her individual style is simple and expressive, with flat areas of colour to show off the colours of the Earth.

The paintings are created with pigments, which Cea collects as soil from different locations and then fixes them with 'gum arabic' and a resin from almond trees, which she collects in Spain. The only exception is the green, an earth pigment, bought from Cyprus. She paints on handmade paper or unbleached hemp canvas.

Cea has evolved a new way of working and changes can be seen in her form and technique. She now chooses more simplicity and abstraction. The basic framework for many of her compositions is the painting of stripes out of which a landscape emerges. The horizons created by overlapping edges become the rise and fall of the land. These paintings are meditative, elemental and expressive.

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