Earth Goddess Wheel of the Year by Karen Mander

These terracotta figures celebrate the 'Wheel of the Year', an ancient way of honouring the natural cycle of the seasons and divine force of life - the turning of the year from the first shoots of Spring, through the fullness of Summer, to the Harvest, the return to the Earth in Autumn, and turning inwards, stillness and death in Winter.... all to be reborn again each spring.... Each Goddess celebrates her unique time in the turning of the year.

They are also about the stages of life - the turning of our own wheel from childhood to old age.

They are handcrafted in rural Devon, England, very close to an ancient Neolithic settlement. They have a high earth and mineral content including iron, giving a distinctive 'freckled' look, which along with individual finishing by hand, makes each one unique. They are also cast in editions with small changes for each new edition. They are for indoor use.

These sculptural works are only available to retail customers.

Earth Goddess Wheel of the Year
White Swan Maiden
Queen of the May
Lady of the Waters
Harvest Mother
Earth Mother
Keeper of the Cauldron
Three Hares
Triple Spiral
Triple Moon