Celtic Myths and Legends by Deborah Holman

Although originally from Somerset Deborah has lived most of her life in South East England. Ever since she could pick up a pencil Deborah has had a passion for drawing. Coloured Pencils were a natural progression and she loves using good quality waxy pencils. Deborah also enjoys using acrylics, watercolours, pastels and oils. Whatever the medium, her approach is to lay down layers of different colour achieving a rich finish which enables the vibrant tones below to shine through. This technique although very time consuming gives a wonderful depth to the finished piece.

Deborah is a self-taught artist heavily influenced by the natural world. Celtic Myths and Legends, particularly those surrounding trees are a valued source of inspiration. Her coloured pencil work 'Tribal Spirit' recently achieved the award of Best Abstract/Fantasy at the UKCPS exhibition at Westminster.

Hounds of Arawn
Tree Spirits
The Wicked Fairie
Tribal Spirit
Safe in the Branches