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Slippery Jacks is opposed to the use of plastic and will be phasing it out completely during the year ahead. Please tell us, when ordering, not to individually package your cards.

Buy from talented earth-focused creatives who work in harmony with nature and the spirits of old. Here you will find people who work in honour of our land, paying tribute to the myths and legends that guide our footsteps. For artists this is a great place to showcase your work and we charge just we charge just £50 as a one off fee for this service.

We also offer publishing services. Please Contact Us for more information.

Alexi Francis

Alexi Francis

I live in Brighton UK. It’s great being beside the sea, but I would love to live in the country to be close to nature, to wake up and hear bird song rather than buses.

Exploring artistic things – painting, illustration, dance and any other medium, keeps me sane as does escaping anywhere wild.