Welcome to Slippery Jacks Online Shop

Sacred Hare Book is at the printers as we speak and will be coming with me to the OBOD 50th Anniversary Exhibition at the Glastonbury Galleries 6th to 16th of June.

Slippery Jacks is strengthening its web design services for spiritual creatives like you. We offer high-end responsive websites at £80 per page.

Buy from talented earth-focused creatives who work in harmony with nature and the spirits of old. Here you will find people who work in honour of our land, paying tribute to the myths and legends that guide our footsteps. For artists this is a great place to showcase your work. We do not charge for this service.

Slippery Jacks is opposed to the use of plastic and will be phasing it out completely during the year ahead. Please tell us, when ordering,if you want your cards individually packaged.

We also offer publishing services. Please Contact Us for more information.

Slippery's offer a range of web design services.

For an information only website Slipperys charge about £60 per page and will advise you about the criteria used for beautiful and usable web designs.

For commercial sites there are additional charges of about £300 per site and you will need to have a merchant account (Paypal)

We will source the best hosting for your site and register the domain name on your behalf. We will arrange your email account but after the initial payment this will be transferred back to you so you are in control.

We will also offer a behind-the-scenes management service so that you can maintain your own site. In the background we keep it safe and secure so that it can be recovered if anything horrible happens. We charge just £50 per year for this service.

Some examples of our work: